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We need a firm support system, which guarantees the stability of our body, not only on the physical level.



Vertebrae and joints should be returned to its original position, thereby offsetting the overall statics of the body and then it affects the whole body. Natural way affects not only the cause and consequences that are manifested in the form of symptoms. Mechanical movements have a negative effect on the autonomic nervous system, vascular system, energy system and the internal organs and immunity. Releases blockages and physical energy. It is very rewarding active cooperation of the client who, after my treatment done at home separate exercises that teach design client. It is also important and very helpful to change harmful habits, such as translating foot over foot, lifting objects improperly bending over, incorrect seating etc.



To move the vertebrae, joints, pelvis and spinal discs deformation occurs due to physical causes, such as falls, accidents, everyday stereotyped movements, prolonged sitting, and the formation of muscle imbalance. Furthermore, even psychological causes, such as stress and strain. As we know, mental tension caused inter alia, muscle tension, which in turn affects the shape, structural integrity and functionality of the spine.


Neck stiffness:

Cervical spine is the most sensitive section of the whole spine. When under stress muscles get stiff and that leads to chronic pain in the shoulder area. Women suffer from this problem most frequently. It can be a frequent headache, tingling and numbness in the upper arms, dizziness, fluctuating blood pressure, pain in the eyes, hot flushes and cold etc. 
Stiff Back:
Aching back is stiff due to the temporary contraction of muscles and mild stretching of tendons. Wrong sitting, stress, physical and mental fatigue often lead to overstreching of muscles and muscle imbalance in this area which gives unpleasant pain. 
80% of back pain is to be blamed on the lower back. A lumbago is accompanied by a sharp intense pain causedby a quicksudden turning or bending movement during period of physical exhaustion. It can also cause unexpected chilliness and worsens coughing and sneezing. The pain may arise suddenly or gradually and it often uncomfortably escalates. 
1. When the pain remains only restricted to the lumbar spine it is a mild case of this illness. 
2. Pain from the lower back can spread to some other parts of the body, especially in the legs, or in more serious cases difficulties with passing urine and the faeces arise. Soft treatment technique and manipulative treatment are modern medical methods in treating mobility disorders of the spine. After recovering from the lower back pain it is important to prevent its recurrence by regular massages and exercises. 
Problems with intervertebral discs:
Vertebrae slipping out of their place or a disc displacement can cause a sudden and long-term pain. Prolapse, slippage or displacement of a plate may also arise after a minor injury especially if worn out and it may damage a nerve. This leads to problems with bladder, bowels, female sex organs, pain, numbness and tingling in legs and feet etc. 
Psyche and stress:
30% of all back pain is caused by stress which causes muscle stiffness. Muscles in the imbalance after a sudden stretch can press on a nerve which causes muscle spasm. This causes a block on the spine. Long-term pressure on the nerve can cause dysfunction in the related organ of the body.
Spinal blockages:
A systematic overburdening of certain muscle groups and their subsequent overloading is a common cause of the formation of blockages in the spine. The spine also suffers with any disease in the body. Blockages occur in the spine and relapse as soon as an internal or gynaecological disease deteriorates. Correct function of the spine (axis of motion of the body) does not affect only the content of the spinal canal, but it also affects correct function of mobility body system, limbs and joints, the function of muscles and also the function of internal organs.
Symptoms of chronic overloading is the spinal block (immobilization). Nutrition of tissues and cartilage plates depends on the motion. The spine becomes less resilient. The complex relationship between structural change and functional disorder of the spine may  result in a damage to plates.
One way to achieve recovery and improve the function of the spine is to unlock a intervertebral joint.
Some muscle groups tend to be weak and flabby, others are hyperactive with a tendency to increased tension and stiffness. As a result there is muscle imbalance, spasms, blockage of the spine and joints. Unblocking leads to normalization of the spine function and at the same time to the reduction of tension in muscles and tissues. As soon as the correct function is restored the pain subsides and the joint mobility, the muscle tone, reflex activity and the activity of internal organs are restored.
Musculoskeletal pain is a warning sign of a malfunction. Over the years, the apparent functional defects appear in different sections of the spine. The spine connects as a thread seemingly very different disorders. Almost every trauma, injury affects directly or indirectly the axis of the body - the spine (falls, impacts, strikes etc.). It is a mechanical factor.
Dizziness and headaches are mostly of cervical origin. In terms of musculoskeletal disorders feet should be considered as the other key area. Mental instability and stress are also characteristic for disorders of the spine. Severe period pain and chronic inflammation are often a manifestation of functional disorders of the spine.
The weather and its changes can also affect functional disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Other factors may be cold, infectious diseases, fever, chronic blockade, muscle spasms, change of joint mobility, reflex changes, flu, hormonal changes (menstruation, menopause), allergic reactions, psychological problems, stress, etc.
Back pain tends to be irregular and varied.



I chose some of the symptoms that may arise as a result of the shift vertebrae and pelvis and can be removed by my therapy:


a headache

tingling in the extremities

pain and fatigue of limbs

pain and tightness in the chest

back pain

back pain

shoulder pain, elbow, or knee

digestive and intestinal problems

Erection problems

Back pain in pregnancy and crosses

interrupted sleep

fluctuating blood pressure


different length feet

groin pain

stiff muscles and tendons shortened





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