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Certain health condition requires careful performance with respect to the effectiveness of the giving or receiving therapy / massage, as well as parts of the body and the circumstances of the medical condition for which it is necessary to warn me before therapy / massage. This recommendation is particularly the case, if it is the following:


Cardiovascular and heart disease.


Thrombosis, phlebitis, larger nodular varicose veins and inflamed varicose veins.


Infectious skin diseases, infected areas from insects, fresh hematomas, warts, cold sores, burns, inflammatory deposits, unexplainable lumps, tumors of the skin, bruises, sores and fungal infections.


Areas where there is a disease process localized in the body (appendicitis, ovarian inflammation, kidney stones etc.), fresh traumatic and postoperative conditions, swelling, fractures, bruises.


Increased body temperature, inflammation, infectious diseases.


Following high and prolonged fatigue.

What should be done before starting therapy?

Please tell me about any current health problems or pain so I could provide the most appropriate treatment for you or propose appropriate therapy.
I recommend not to eat 2 hours before and 2 hours after treatment.
I recommend avoiding alcohol consumption on the day of your treatment.


What is good to do during your therapy?

Please help me to provide you with the best therapy. Tell me if you prefer deeper or more gentle techniques. Let me know if the pressure is too strong or if you are experiencing any pain. Please feel free to tell me if you have any preference for techniques or if there is something you do not like.


What should be done after therapy / massage?

I recommend 2-3 days idle mode and not switch nešportovať forces. Also observe drinking regime. It is possible that after my first treatment you will feel tired / Y. Believe that it is a temporary condition and these feelings subside within 3 days. The reaction is in each case, because of the problem depends on the duration and the general health of the client. Also keep in mind my advice that I have given you after the first treatment and try to observe them.





Monday - Sunday, including holidays.
Call and make an appointment.
Possibility to provide therapy in Slovakia or abroad.


Mobil: +421 948 495 264                                                                 

E-mail: tvojdobrypocit@gmail.com






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Monday - Sunday, including holidays.
Call and make an appointment.
Possibility to provide therapy in Slovakia or abroad.

+421 (0)948 495 264


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