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Reiki is the ability to use energy that promotes proper function of the human psyche and organs of the human body. Reiki is relatively simple but powerful healing system based mainly on applying of hands. It is not a religion, it is a meditative healing method focusing on developing compassion for people. Reiki heals the body and organs, as well as mental state of a person, it does not only relieves pain, but removes it completely and the pain will not come back again! Reiki is a very strong treatment system with wide range. It is an effective treatment and it supports spiritual growth of a person. Reiki healing helps to everybody who realize the value of health and take responsibility for their health into their own hands. If a patient opens to the healer and tries to fill his/her heart with love, truth, knowledge and responsibility, the healing has faster therapeutic effect. Each disease should be given attention, because it is a signal that something is going on in the body and the disease is manifestation of that signal. Different person´s issues are reflected by different signals and illnesses in the body, or on the psychological level. The body is never sick or healthy. The body is a complex system of organs that carry out the certain functions in a well-defined program. If incorrect information is gathered and it is not removed it results in incorrect function of the body and that is what we feel as an illness. Each treatment requires a comprehensive view of the disease and its symptoms.


The method of applying hands to different body areas is very old. People have been using it for ages. It is a natural instinct to place hands on someone who is sick or feels sick. Mothers are an example of such behavior. When a child is hurt, the mother often puts her hands on the injured area. Human touch brings healing, protection and love. This energy is known under several names and each culture has a different name. Surely you have already heard one somewhere. In Polynesia it is called "mana", Indians call it "orenda", in Hebrew it is "ruach", in Islamic countries it is "barrak", in China "Qi", in Japan "ki". And that is where it gets its name of Reiki. Although there are many expressions, they name the same form of healing (life) energy. Reiki is easy to learn, very easy to use and is one of the best known forms of energy healing. Everybody has the ability to use the healing power (Reiki) for themselves or for others. The Japanese word Reiki consists of two words:


Rei - vital, space (upper symbol in the figure)
Ki - energy, power (lower symbol shown)


Reiki is a universal term for space energy which is in the space around us. It is the energy of the universe, space power. For some people it can be very surprising and they do not understand. But many different energies (solar, moon radiation) come from the universe and we are not surprised by that? Moon also affects our lives by high tide and low tide and we take it for granted. So why not this kind of energy? There are many energies that surround us and are available to us. It is up to everybody whether they accept them and use them. Accepting and using Reiki is very simple, because the results (response) can be seen almost immediately in some cases. Reiki is a holistic (holistic) treatment and works on all levels of our lives.


The result is that we treat the cause and not just the symptoms.
Reiki is the transfer - the transfer of life energy. We all used to be able to work with this energy before, but nowadays due to the overall current level of the planet (humans, collective unconsciousness) this  natural ability has been repressed, but not impossible. To get the ability to work with Reiki again we have to go through the process called "Initiation" (initiation, activation) to Reiki. The process of the initiation can only be done by the Reiki Master who himself has a degree of dedication (known just as "teacher") and reached the required vibration and has been trained how to perform an initiation into Reiki.
During the initiation  the Master - teacher clears your chakras and connects you to the universe source of Reiki (your chakras and your biofield is connected to the source). From that moment you have the power available immediately. This connection cannot be lost - it is permanent.


We receive the energy through the chakras, and through energy pathways - meridians it is distributed throughout the body. After the initiation you become a channel through which this energy comes through top of the head (7th chakra) and with palms facing out you point it to where you want to heal, harmonize, supply energy. Those who have been initiated are able to work with this energy and pass it on. A Reikist (a slang term for a person who can work with the Reiki) may be far from having paranormal abilities, but it is also true that many people develop special abilities or they become stronger (opening of the third eye, seeing auras, feeling energy, clairvoyance). Reiki promotes spiritual development, but it is individual and it is not the case for everybody. We all are different, we all have different emotional "maturity" and different abilities.


As mentioned above, the person working with Reiki is only the channel for the energy of the universe (the universe or God – whichever word you prefer). He/she only transfers it to those who need it, and the body starts the healing process itself. So called folk healers use their own bioenergy which is a big disadvantage for the healer and the treated person. The healer gets exhausted and can transfer some of his/her problems and emotions on the treated. That is not the case with the Reiki. A Reikist does not use his/her own energy, and thus does not get exhausted or does not transfer his/her own problems on the treated.


It is a great additional method of healing to conventional medicine and their combination helps to quick and convincing results. Your doctor will thoroughly treat your knee, but the knee is only the symptom and the problem can be for example a kidney, but it will not be treated at all. Western medicine treats symptoms, signs of disharmony, but not the cause of the problem. We must realize that the disease is a sign of a long-term disharmony, which may result from psychological area, disturbed relationships and so on and when the cause is removed there is no need to treat the result. Therapy removes various types of blocks affecting our quality of life: mental, physical, emotional, psychological, energetic. Many of these blocks influence us and they can affect the person´s personality and overall physical and mental health.


Scientific studies have been published proving the effectiveness of this form of treatment. The therapist working with Reiki does not cure - he/she is only the channel for transferring of the energy. The Reiki energy in many cases acts as "intelligent" energy. For example, the above mentioned knee. When a Reiki therapist applies his/her hands to the knee, the energy alone does not cure the knee as a symptom, but travels to the cause of the problem and heals it. Therefore, in practice, people often say they feel the flow of energy (heat or tingling) somewhere else than where an illness manifests itself.








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